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Conference dedicated to HIGHWAY held in Vladivostok

04 april 2017

The conference dedicated to HIGHWAY – the brand, its history, production technologies, strengths and opportunities the company had in Russia – took place in Vladivostok on March 3, 2017.

The conference brought together representatives of the automotive business community operating in the Primorsky Territory: owners of car shops and dealerships, automobile repair shops, directors of transportation organizations and vehicle transport columns, and other interested parties.

AUTOCHIC is an official representative of HIGHWAY in the Primorsky Territory, Sakhalin Region and Kamchatka Territory. Its efforts ensure that the brand has a fitting presence in this region, and interest to it is ever growing.

Delfin Group spokespeople – Regional Manager Pavel Yuryevich Ivanov and Technical Expert Roman Nikolaevich Gridasov – addressed those present. In particular, Delfin Group spokespeople talked about the specifics of the company’s production processes and multi-level quality assurance system, and discussed the specifics of oil and additive production. They also covered relevant marketing and technical matters and issues.

The atmosphere at the conference was amicable. Upon summarizing the results of that forum, many of those present talked about expanding the HIGHWAY product lineup in the region and adding new products that were yet to have Russian alternatives.