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About trade mark

Production of HighWay trade mark carries out production of lubricants at four production sites - in USA, Russia, European Union and Ukraine and delivers its products to more than thirty countries all over the world.

In 2010 HighWay trade mark was brought to USA market. Initially only cooling fluids were produced, but now HighWay trade mark product line includes oil for two- and four-stroke engines, fluids for automatic transmissions and steering booster, antifreezes G11 и G12+.

Since 2013 the full range of HighWay oils and antifreezes is presented at the markets of European Union and CIS, which allows Russian and European consumers to appreciate the high quality of products, based on advanced manufacturing technologies and the high quality of raw materials. Cooperation with world producers of base oils and additives, constant and painstaking quality control of all components used allows to ensure the high, and above all, high-repeatability quality of lubricants covered by HighWay trade mark and the widespread compliance with requirements of international standards and specifications of world car manufacturers.