HighWay | ТМ HighWay has entered Russian market!

ТМ HighWay has entered Russian market!

March 27, 2013

ТМ HighWay has entered Russian market!

HighWay trade mark is well-known in USA and now it has entered Russian market!

In 2010 Delfin Group USA brought HighWay trade mark to USA market. In three years products under this trade mark have proved their quality and reliability. First the main specialization of the brand were cooling fluids, including the newest antifreezes G11 и G12+. However, the state of being in demand at the market allowed HighWay begin to develop lubricants, and in the near future the wide range of motor oils of American quality will enter the Russian market.

Control by the international company Delfin Group and their significant production facilities allow TM HighWay to propose the true American quality at reasonable prices to the consumers from Russia and CIS countries!