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Hydraulic oil

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Designed for hydraulic steering systems in all types of passenger cars and trucks. May be used in hydraulic torque converters, hydrostatic drives and hydro-mechanical transmissions, as well as any hydraulic lifting machinery. Has consistent viscosity properties at any temperatures, high chemical stability and anti-corrosion properties. Foam-resistant. Its resilience to extreme pressure minimizes wear.


  • reduces manual steering force;
  • improves performance of the pump;
  • improves precision of the hydraulic system after 50-100 km of use;
  • reduces noise and vibration of the power-steering pump;
  • protects parts from wear when oil level is low.


  • VW/Audi TL-52146
  • Hyundai/Kia PSF-3; PSF-4
  • Toyota PSF Type EH

Packaging: 1 l