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15W-40 CI-4/SL

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All-season mineral-based oil designed for high-performance turbo-charged diesel engines. For the latest generation heavy-duty trucks and specialized machinery that comply with Euro 3 and Euro 4 eco standards. Ensures superior engine protection at maximum load and extremely high temperatures inside the engine by maintaining the viscosity at the optimal level.



  • Excellent engine protection from wear, corrosion and deposit formation caused by high temperatures;
  • All performance characteristics combined extend intervals between oil change and reduce maintenance costs;
  • Maximum engine capacity ensured by superior anti-friction characteristics.

Meets the following standards:

  • SAE 15W-40
  • API CI-4/SL
  • ACEA E7, А3/В4
  • МВ 228.3
  • MAN M3275-1
  • MTU cat.2
  • Cummins CES 20077/78
  • Caterpillar EFC-2

Packaging: 1 l, 4 l, 20 l, 200 l